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Frequently Asked Questions

To upload a video file to the My Media section of Canvas:

  1. Open My Media in Canvas
  2. Select My Media from the Course Navigation
  3. Select Add New
  4. Select Media Upload
  5. Click Media Upload from the drop-down menu and select a video from your computer files to upload.
  6. Edit Media Information
    • The name field of the file is required, it will autofill with the original file name but you can edit this. The Description field and Tag field are optional.
  7. Select Save

See a demonstration here.

You can access Canvas through the the university's Campus Information Services (CIS) portal or directly at Visit this orientation page for more information on getting set up in Canvas. 

To print a quiz in Canvas:

  1. Open Quizzes from your Course Navigation in Canvas
  2. Click the name of your quiz.
  3. Click the Preview button in the top right-hand corner.
  4. Using your browser's print function, find and select Print.

See a demonstration here.

Need More Help?

Visit the Knowledge Base or Canvas guides to look for answers. If you want one-on-one help, we are available to meet with you to determine which resources you need.


Last Updated: 8/16/22