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Digital clip creation

Digital Learning Technologies (DLT) can create video clips for use in your online course. Clips can be created from DVD, VHS, and digital file formats. 

Copyright information

DLT observes copyright restrictions when performing a media conversion, transfer, or duplication of copyrighted material. DLT cannot transfer, duplicate, and/or stream copyrighted works in their entirety. Under fair-use guidelines, DLT can create clips of copyrighted works to make available for course work. Requested clips must not total more than 20% of the work. DLT can digitize videos in their entirety only if the requester has written permission from the copyright holder.

If you need a streaming version of a full copyrighted work, please submit your request to Marriott Library through its Suggest a Purchase and Media Streaming Request Form.

Request a clip creation project

To submit a clip creation request, bring your source materials to our service desk in the MLIB 1705 Faculty Center. Our service desk technician will assist you in filling out a ticket at that time.

If you need clips from your source materials, please come prepared with start and end times for each clip in your request.


If you have questions, please contact us.

Last Updated: 1/22/24